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Rowing clinic companies

At Roeicentrum Berlagebrug we organise rowing clinics which focus on teambuilding, relaxation and rowing fun. Have lunch, row and finish off with a BBQ. We offer everything you need to make your day a success!

What can you expect from us at a rowing clinic?

 Welcome with coffee and tea
 Basic instruction of rowing in an indoor rowing facility
 Rowing in the four-person boat on the Amstel.
The route that can be rowed is for example along Carré, under the Skinny Bridge and/or along the Hermitage. The rowing can be concluded with a race against each other in front of the rowing centre.

Different types of programmes can be booked: 1,5 hour, 2 hours and 2,5 hours.
The longer the rowing clinic lasts, the greater the distance you can sail!

These programmes can be extended. For example with a lunch/ drinks/ meal/ BBQ before or after the clinic. We like to think along with you!

Please note that this is a sporting activity, so sportswear is necessary. Rowing is an outdoor sport and the activity takes place in all weather conditions.

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