Open House Saturday 12th of March (18+)

At TopRow The Hague we regularly host Open House Events you and your friends can come down and try rowing for free. During your taster session you will receive 10 mins of instruction on the rowing machines on land before getting into a boat to row on the water for 20 mins!

Under the guidance of our wonderful instructors you will take your first rowing strokes! Learn a new sport in The Hague and enjoy the mindful, full body, low impact workout. Rowing is for everyone! (18+) You can sign up as an individual or in groups of up to 4! (Note everyone who wishes to attend must fill out the registration form below).

You can register on our waiting list, and we will email you the schedule closer to the date!

Due to uncertainties regarding the Covid restrictions on the date of the event, we cannot provide all the information yet, but we will keep you up to date on any changes to the programme.